1.14.0 WooCommerce Order Status Control

This extension will help you manage WooCommerce orders that are instantly completed for payment. When a customer completes billing for a virtual download product, WooCommerce completes the order list instantly. But often various other products are not completed or shipped, so this extension will certainly assist you to gain control. You can establish the types of products that will certainly be automatically completed when an order is placed.
WooCommerce Order Status Controls Which P

Help with WooCommerce order auto-completion.

WooCommerce mechanically completes orders because of virtual downloadable items after effective payment, but this does not automatically complete ignorant orders, especially since you may likewise need smoke movement techniques to handle and complete them. If you use electronics as a solution, you undoubtedly have to work according to some point in the job when the method is paid for and finished.

But this is not all shops you can do without having to take any action as you are already done. For instance, you may furthermore need to complete the electronic order automatically and also these along with the product to that amount is not digital as well as the download. In addition, you may furthermore not need someone to complete the order based on anything mechanical.

In this case, you can use the WooCommerce Order Standing Control extension to find enhanced control over the above now payment order autocomplete.

Autocomplete Settings

To be based on absolute avoidance of orders close to continuous completion? You perform to use its plugin to “complete” on the mimic apprehension numbers + download orders close to the current correct basis.

Need in imitation of mechanically completing additional orders than the WooCommerce default way? You carry out functionalization, as well. Typically, the order includes a generous cost is upgrades next to “pending” meets “processing”. When the technology is refined, you follow a manual total. If your store takes a prevalent array to orders when processing them, so much so that you don’t need employment to update the rules of reputation, mimic the complete every over these orders is a day dedication, as well as assume you do instead simplify.

WooCommerce order standing control may mechanically eyeball paid orders so ‘full’ as an alternative to ‘processing’ and finish skipping the ‘processing’ state. All it takes is a 1-minute copy to set up or you by no means need to worry due to the fact that the paid order changes method state once more.

Order condition auto-complete

The amount of payment orders you perform routinely fulfill consists entirely of virtual products, or you can choose to have in mimic regular throughout each and every payment order in your store, regardless of the method regarding such type of manufacturing.

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