4.4 WooCommerce Order Approval

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How It Works. Approval Workflow
Once installed and activated, the plugin allows you to reject or approve all orders placed by customers based on one of these two workflows (which you must select through the settings menu).
Pay and wait for approval: customers usually place orders as they would any WooCommerce order. The site administrator can recently approve or reject the order. In both cases, the customer will receive a notification email.
Waiting for approval and payment: The customer will place the order without being charged. Once the order will be marked as approved, the customer will have to pay manually through the order details page.
Approval Time
Customers (registered users and guests) can track the approval status of their orders via a visual timeline displayed in the order details page! The text for each step can be customized via the text menu.
Real-time updated timeline
The order status timeline is updated in real time! This means that the user does not need to manually update the page to know the current order approval status!
Time Selection Options
The plugin provides the option to display a time picker in the checkout form! This is very useful for meal delivery services. This is very useful for meal delivery services.
Email notification
The plugin sends a notification email to the customer whenever the order enters the approval or rejection status. The text of the notification email can be customized via the text menu.

Note: The plugin is not yet supported by any third-party custom email plugin. Templates can be manually modified and copied to the theme folder ({theme_folder}/woocommerce/emails/). Templates are located in templates/emails fonder inside the plugin.
New Order Status
To make it easier to track the approval status of an order, three new statuses will be added. Pending Approval, Rejected, and Approved statuses.
Approve/Reject link embedded in administrator’s new order emails.
The plugin embeds a link to directly approve or reject the order just placed in the new order email sent to the administrator!
Customer Cancellation
Through the Options menu, you can enable the option to allow the customer to cancel the order once it has been approved. Orders can be cancelled within X minutes, X can be configured through the options.
If payment is not made, the order is automatically cancelled.
If the user has not paid within X minutes, the system has the option to cancel the order, which X can configure in the Options menu.

Note: The order cancellation will be executed when the user enters the order details page.
Automatically approve orders by payment gateway, shipping method, coupon or product or category!
You can choose to set up automatic order approval based on payment gateway, shipping method, or specific product/product category!

Note: This plugin only supports shipping methods defined using the native WooCommerce functionality. Third-party plugins are not supported.

In the case of automatic product approvals, store administrators can choose between two different strategies.
Manual approval of selected products/categories only: If the order does not contain any selected products or categories, it will be automatically approved.
Automatic approval of selected products/categories: if the order contains at least one selected product or category, the order will be automatically approved, otherwise the store manager will need to approve it manually.
The automatic order approval option for coupons can be found when configuring coupons via WooCommerce -> Coupons -> Coupon menu.

The plugin supports WPML translation plugin. You will be able to customize and translate the text through a special text menu.

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