WooCommerce Notification Nulled

WooCommer Notification plugin provides a lot of options to help you configure the pop-up as you want.

Select the pop-up background image: there are 3 background images to select now, it will be added very often.
Configure the color of text, product name, and background.
Border-radius: Configure the border radius of the pop-up.
Available 4 pop-up positions, 2 product image positions.
Enable/Disable the Close icon.
Appearing and disappearing effects.
Sound effect when pop-ups appear.
Add your own custom CSS.
Select the product image size, 3 options to choose.
Clickable product image: Product images on pop up are now clickable. It will redirect to the single product page.
Display parent product image: if a product variation does not have a product image, the plugin will display the parent product image instead.
Display current product or products in the same category: plugin will display the product customers are viewing or products in the same category.
Assign pages: Enable/Disable the plugin on Homepage/Checkout page/Cart page in settings. Other pages can be assigned with conditional tags.
Show Notification from specific pages: You can use “conditional tags” option to show notification on a particular page depending on what conditions that page matches. Simply indicate ID or title of the page that you want to show notification. For Example, is_page(50) or is_page( array(50, 75) ) with page what IDs are 50 and 75 .
Set the time to display notificationS, delay time showing, loop time.

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