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Naming your price plugin gives you the flexibility to choose the price you are willing to accept for your products. You can suggest a price to your customers and have the option to enforce a minimum acceptable price, or you can leave it entirely up to your customers! You can also use this plugin to accept donations, to make your product available to a wider audience, to collect information about the price your customers are willing to pay.

You can also use this plugin to accept donations, make your products available to a wider audience, collect information about how much customers are willing to pay, or accept variable amounts for other reasons, such as paying bills.

What can Name Your Price do for you?
Collecting Donations
Sell gift cards and gift certificates (digital or print).
Make a profit on the products you would have given away.
Reach new customers at convenient, democratized prices
Expanding the customer base by encouraging new experiments
Collect data on what customers are willing to pay for your products.
Straightforward setup, great support and an improved user experience.
Setup is simple and works for a wide range of use cases “out of the box”! Once you’ve created your product, check the checkbox marked “Name your price” and you’ll have the option to enter minimum, maximum and suggested prices.

Our documentation has also been expanded with step-by-step help and options for customizing for many other use cases, including compatibility with several other plugins. Find this information here.

In addition, our new Name Your Price version 3.0 features an upgraded user experience (UX) and a fully accessible screen reader.

More Ways to Use Name Your Price
Name Your Price is an all-in-one sales tool!

Many websites use it to facilitate donations, subscription payments, and even simple online bill payments of varying amounts (e.g. via invoices), subscription payments, and donations.

Raise more money by empowering donors to give at a level that suits them, with or without a suggested donation amount.

Select a gif animation of the element to display multiple price amounts and a “Custom” option. Clicking on the “Customize” option displays a text input for entering the price.
When used with the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin, Name Your Price also facilitates custom recurring donations, allowing donors to set donation amounts and even donation cadence (depending on your parameters).

Online Bill Pay
Use “Name Your Price” to collect payments and make it easy for customers and clients to pay invoices and custom amounts right from your own website!

Screenshot of the Pay Your Bill product showing the “Enter Your Amount” text entry and the “Invoice Number” text entry.
Shown here is one of the additional fields in the product add-on.

You can even use the product add-on to create an additional field for precise input and specificity, such as an invoice number or a reference name for items and products.
Works with a variety of product types and plug-ins, including subscriptions, gift cards, and product add-ons.
Name Your Price works with a variety of product types, including.

Simple and variable products
Group Products
Product Packages
Composite Products
Mix and Match Products
Account Funds
In addition it is compatible with various plugins for WooCommerce.com, including.

Subscriptions for all products
WooCommerce Product Plugin
One Page Checkout
Product Packages
Mix and Match
Composite Products
Gift Cards
PDF Product Credentials
Bulk Store
Batch Order Form
WooCommerce Account Funding
Advance Purchase

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