19.1 WooCommerce Multiple Customer Addresses Nulled

Product DescriptionOverview

WooCommerce multiple customer addresses
WooCommerce Multiple Customer Address (WCMCA) hopes to enable you to provide customers with several addresses based on the registered address of your partners to imitate their outline, but you can also choose to provide special product addresses on the checkout page!

How to automatically update the plugin

To get computerized updates, just install and then configure the Envato updater plug-in: httpss: //goo.gl/pkJS33. The reliable guide explains the implementation of the imitation configuration, which the user can see from the following link: httpss: //envato.com/market-plugin.

Ideas and how they work

The idea behind the plug-in is to allow consumers to undoubtedly store two billing and/or shipping addresses based on the most recent checkout process.

In addition, the plug-in allows consumers to additionally store the next address without delay between checkout pages! In this path, once the user retains the fishing tackle (by finding access to the “My Account” page and then directly entering the “Checkout” page), he can imitate the option of flying, that is, transporting and/or selling fishing tackle. The address where the person was previously protected!

Finally, the new WCMCA will approve your customers according to the different shipping addresses of each manufacturer during the checkout process!

Add, edit and delete addresses

Simply imitate the intent of each account to access the “My Account” page by adding, editing but still deleting other billing and/or shipping addresses, so it should be kept as Shipping is then the billing address. Before quoting the address, the plugin will perform a verification process on the postal code (according to the selected country), email and smartphone number fields. For each trolley, the user’s choice can still set the default address option. Between these two methods, the marked address hopes to automatically load an automatic billing/shipping address on the checkout statement!

Disable multiple addresses of a specific address type

Would you disable multiple addresses because of invoicing and then selecting the delivery note type? you can! Go according to WooCommerce->Multiple customer address options menu, or disable the alternative function, because the invoicing and/or shipping address shows several address choices!

check out

During the checkout process, the customer’s fun can always imitate the address on the flyer or add a modern address! All use the seamlessly integrated selection menu between checkout pages!

Shipping email and email notification

This plugin allows you to selectively accumulate shipping emails based on the checkout shipping form, and then finally ship WooCommerce notification emails based on this address!

Product delivery address

Currently, the new WCMCA will tow each of your items after a special address to approve your customers! You only need to enable the special “ship by product” requirement on the plug-in selection bill, and that’s it!

The plug-in requirements are displayed under each item in the Checkout system table, a seamlessly integrated selection bill, through the selection bill, the registered customer needs to be located according to the next billing/transportation tool and according to the selection of an existing address The item is eager to be shipped!

Guest customers choose to keep mimicking the address of each item.

Note: No other shipping cost requirements will be sent with the product address. Choosing shipping costs usually consider using the main billing/shipping address.

Product delivery address: handling fee

For products shipped after the unique address after the modern checkout shipping address, the plug-in can choose to perform other charging processing. E.g:

If the imitation products next to the checkout address to the aircraft address are not 2 even next to the four imitation products, then each imitation will accumulate a fee of $4.
If, according to the only one of the checkout addresses, the price is 5 after the ten products imitating the aircraft in that place, the rate will be added to each 3 $.
Then continue.
Note: The processing price is not an additional shipping fee. This is a constant advantage, but its function is no longer reflected in the transportation location based on cost estimates.

Add to cart multiple times

You can optionally enable the same product based on the shopping cart. This alternative is particularly useful if it is used in conjunction with the product delivery address function.

Manage user profile page extension

WCMCA provides a link for each administrator plan page to mimic all his addresses in the page list. In this path, the keep administrator may see, edit, but pop up someone’s address!

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