1.11.3 WooCommerce Mix and Match Products

Mix and Match is the most suitable plug-in for consumers, allowing them to match similar products of their choice. Although the right to choose a product is in the hands of the customer, it can usually be used to provide discounts to customers who purchase a certain amount of goods.
WooCommerce mix and match products

Quickly develop custom categories

Provide examples of red wine? Time donuts? Fruit basket? About six packs of T-shirts? Since equivalent products are provided in bulk containers, the mixing effect after Match is excellent. The reason for perfection is the fact that it urges customers to align with the purchase within the size range without obsessing them with the acquired items until the assumption is reached, which does not entertain them.

You used excellence tracking in your selection (numbering, “filling” the required things, then filling a basket, and then packing), but the designated items need to be selected on demand, and your customers always monitor the individual items The degree of mutual packaging exists.

Isn’t it like a crushed doughnut? A personalized lady will follow the entire Boston cream to restrain her bar. Want 5 T-shirts, but the yellow is not bright? A consumer gets 3 pinks after those 2 blues. The choice is entirely up to the customer!

Examples of mixed suits: six-piece T-shirts

Adaptive content

Mixing and matching can help advertise simple products and create differences, just like sharing on containers. You can allow small or very deep gadgets to be carried with you, in case you need them, and put them in some of the “mixed and suit” options provided.

Multiple pricing

Mix or match options can have fixed costs, or they can be priced by transaction and total.

Flexible delivery

Mixed or matched options can be delivered to each other in one package, individually, or not all.

Supply management

The products in the Mix and Suit arrays are all managed by inventory, which is just an independent sale, while the container of Mix but Suit products can also be managed by inventory.

Personalized templates

Once accepted, Mix or Suit products are equivalent to organized projects in appearance. Customers provide a list, worry about all useful products, or allow them to assemble products according to any type of arrangement.

Every share on the table (and the table itself) can be customized via design template substitution, just like the rest on WooCommerce.

Product Information

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