1.22.7 WooCommerce Memberships

A membership solution that’s 100% integrated with your content and products.
WooCommerce Memberships is more than just another plugin for limiting your site’s content: it’s an easy-to-use site-wide membership solution that integrates your content, store, and memberships in one place.

“In terms of configuration, it’s probably one of the easiest and cleanest plugins available …… It’s super clean and easy to manage.

You’re going to love this plugin.” – Chris Lema

Membership allows you to create a full membership system that works seamlessly with your store.

You can restrict your content to members, but you can also “drip-feed” that content over time to schedule access to your members. Sell access to memberships, assign memberships manually along with product purchases, and fully integrate membership privileges within your store.

Selling or assigning memberships
Memberships are not a specific type of WooCommerce product; instead, membership programs are created independently of the product. This allows you to decide how to grant access for maximum flexibility. You can assign 0 or multiple products (of almost any type) to your membership plan to support multiple types of memberships.

Sell memberships as standalone products – create a product for a membership and then tie the plan to that product for sale
Granting memberships as part of a product purchase – for example, purchasing a subscription to a meal kit and getting free access to the recipe section.
Granting the same membership for multiple products (i.e., annual or monthly purchases).
Assign memberships manually for invite-only membership areas.
WooCommerce membership: general plan data
Membership Program Data
Strategically granting access to content
You do a lot of work on your members-only content, so membership allows you to schedule when your members can access that content. You can drip feed content, which means you can schedule when members can access your content. For example, you can require customers to wait a week after becoming a member before they can access certain posts or pages.

WooCommerce Membership. Add Plan Restrictions
Limitations on the content of the plan
This gives you more control over how your members start using your site and allows you to introduce your content to them at the speed you want.

When you use it with your subscriptions, you can even determine which content is included in your free trial period’s content drip rules.

WooCommerce Membership Content Drip Free Trial Periods
A free trial for the best of all worlds
Turn your store into a buying club
Membership allows you to create members-only products so that your site can become a buying club, or lets you offer certain products to members.

You can restrict members from viewing products, which means they will be hidden in your store and not available to non-members. You can also restrict purchases, which means that products are public, but only available to members.

WooCommerce Membership: product restriction rules
Plan Product Limitations
You can also drip product access, making it impossible for members to get products immediately.

Provide better delivery options for members
Members should be your most loyal customers, so give them the privilege of encouraging them to come back for more repeat purchases. Membership extends your free shipping setup so you can offer free shipping directly to your members, while requiring non-members to meet other criteria (such as having a coupon or minimum order size).

WooCommerce membership: free shipping for members
Increase free delivery for members only
Reward members with special discounts
Since you may want to give your members certain privileges, you can offer member discounts for all products, some products, or certain product categories.

WooCommerce Membership. Add Member Discounts
Discounts on planned purchases
Automatic display of member privileges
While membership management should be simple for you, it should be simple for your members as well. Members can find all the information they need about their membership in the “Members Area”. Members can access any member’s area by clicking “View” from the My Account page.

WooCommerce Member’s Area My Discounts
Members Area. My Discounts
You can enable any or all sections of the members area to show members a list of accessible content (posts and pages), products, discounts and/or public member descriptions. If a member has access to content in the future, that member can also see the date of access.

Importing or exporting members
You have many tools to manage members in WooCommerce, but you may also want to connect to other services, such as importing your membership list into an email tool. Membership lets you export your members to a CSV file so you can export your membership data from WooCommerce and import it into other tools.

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