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Sell objects priced per unit, or allow customers to add their own quantities using the measured price calculator.
While it’s easy to sell t-shirts or phone covers with WooCommerce, many of us also sell products that aren’t sold in “1’s” such as flooring, wallpaper, or more.WooCommerce’s Measured Price Calculator will solve the problems you may encounter when setting up and pricing these products.

WooCommerce’s Measured Price Calculator extension allows you to add and configure calculators for your products that are sold in bulk based on their size, square footage, volume or weight. This makes it easy for you to sell products that have a known measurement for each item. For example, let’s say you have tiles that sell for $2.09 per square foot and you offer a box of tiles that occupy 35 square feet or a box of large tiles that occupy 60 square feet. Using the same pricing per square foot, you can easily enter the size of the box and the calculator will show you the total price per box.

Hoping instead to have the customer tell you how much they need? The Metered Price Calculator also allows you to sell products based on the price per unit of measurement (per square foot, cubic yard, etc.). Perhaps you sell coverings at a price per cubic yard – you can have the customer provide the area and depth of the coverings and the calculator comes up with the total cubic yards and the final price. Configure any combination of units and custom labels to fit your store’s needs.

Key Features
Use a quantity calculator to calculate products based on known product dimensions (e.g., a box of tiles).
Use the pricing calculator to price and sell the product in feet, square meters, cubic yards, etc. (e.g., garden coverings by volume, wallpaper by area).
Product prices can be displayed by unit (e.g., “$1.75 per foot”, “from $3.00 per square yard”) in stores and on product pages.
Pricing calculator inventory support: product inventory can be managed “by unit”.
Pricing calculator dynamic weight: can set/calculate “per unit” product weight for shipping.
Pricing calculator pricing table: set price slots based on simple product measurement ranges.
Calculator can be used for all physical attributes: size, area, surface area, volume or weight.
The area, volume, perimeter and surface area calculators can all be entered simply or independently for length, width and height.
Use any combination of units
When user-defined inputs are allowed, the option to automatically include the over-estimate NEW
Custom measurement and pricing labels
Set minimum and maximum values or accepted steps/increments for customer-entered measurements.
Support for variable products by unit pricing, shipping weight and inventory.
Special “Room Wall” calculator for selling wallpaper

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