2.9.3 WooCommerce Local Pickup Plus

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Provide pickup for any product, anywhere
WooCommerce’s built-in “local pickup” shipping method allows your customers to come to you to pick up their purchases. While this works well for stores with only one physical location, it poses a major problem for stores with multiple locations or distribution centers.

Local Pickup Plus provides a more robust pickup system for retailers with multiple locations, distribution centers, or pickup points. Provide pickup locations across the country (or other countries), limit pickup for certain items, limit which products are available at a location, accept scheduled pickups, and more!

With Local Pickup Plus, your customers know exactly where to go for pickup, and you know exactly where they will be waiting for you. Customers will see a list of available pickup locations for each product (or you can choose to allow only one pickup location per order) and can choose the location that lets them receive their order where they want it.

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