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Use all the power of Instagram to increase your sales.
We all love Instagram. we especially love using the wonderful interface and filters that Instagram provides to showcase images of our products in the wild directly on our mobile devices.

Instagram provides an immersive storefront for your business, allowing people to explore your products and turn your Instagram posts into ads for your event.

Why use WooCommerce Instagram?
Instagram can be a very powerful platform to showcase your products.
Increase your store’s visibility on Instagram.
Upload your catalog to Instagram and create shoppable posts and stories.
Boost your sales by redirecting your audience to your product pages with just one click.
Define product tags so people can use them to tag their images.
Show your customers how to use your products in your store.
Easy to set up.
Instagram Shopping
Our extension now includes support for Instagram shopping.

Selling on Instagram has never been easier. Simply upload your catalog to Instagram, create shoppable posts and stories by tagging your products, and redirect your audience to your store with just one click.

Instagram Shopping List Instagram shoppable products.
You can create as many catalogs as you want and adjust them to different countries or audiences (currency, tax location, etc.).

Each catalog is unique.

Filter the products to be included by category, stock status or type.
Include product variations or just variable products.
Customize many other aspects of product data, such as MPNs or price taxes.
Product Catalog Setup
Define multiple product catalogs

Keep your catalog always in sync. Modify products to your store and your catalog will be updated regularly with the changes.

You can also export your catalog to XML or CSV format for a faster version and instantly update your catalog by uploading this file to your Facebook Business Manager.

Showcase your products
With WooCommerce’s Instagram extension, you can show your customers how your products are used.

Just define a product hashtag. Customers will be able to tag their images with this hashtag and they will automatically appear on your product page.

Display photos with specific tags on your product pages.

Bring your product images to life by incorporating Instagram images that customers post directly on your product pages.

Attract possible new customers on Instagram and let them get a head start on the best products you can offer.

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