9.4.0 WooCommerce Google Product Feed

Product DescriptionOverview

The Google Product Feed extension allows you to create a live feed to provide product information to the Google Merchant Center, which is a prerequisite for setting up product ads.

What’s in it for you?
Choose from an extensive list of supported fields to add to your feed to provide Google with the richest data possible.
Easily map existing product data to the fields required by Google in WooCommerce taxonomies, attributes or product fields.
Use the plugin’s additional data entry fields to capture data required by Google that isn’t normally stored in WooCommerce.
Set global defaults for the fields or default values for each category.
Provide product-specific or individual variations of product information, if needed
Display the latest information about your products in real time.
Full support for WooCommerce’s importer and REST API to batch import data.
Integration with common WooCommerce extensions.
Extensive documentation covering setup and customization
Rich set of WordPress filters and actions allow for flexible customization when necessary.
Once your products have been imported into Google Merchant Centre, they will be available to your linked Google Adwords account, giving you the flexibility to set up your product ads as you see fit. Using the full power of Google Adwords – you have complete control over your ad setup and budget.

Product data fields
The extension supports more than 50 feed attributes, including all required fields. Simple fields such as link, title, image_link, etc. are automatically populated for you. Other fields provide a simple one-click mapping that allows you to map your product fields to the feed. You can provide store-level or category-level defaults and the feed will automatically select the correct value to include.

In cases where you don’t have data, the plugin provides custom fields on your product that allow you to enter richer product data. These fields are available using the standard WooCommerce CSV import tool and are exposed via the WooCommerce REST API.

The currently supported fields include

Core fields: availability, condition, description (short, long or both), ID, image links (including featured images, product gallery images and embedded content images), links, price, sale price (including effective date), title.
Rich data fields: adult content logo, age group, brand, color, consumer data sheet, consumer notes, energy efficiency rating (including min/max), energy label, gender, google product category, GTIN, material, MPN, pattern, product details, product highlights, product type, shipping label, size, size system, size type, tax, shipping time label.
Advanced fields: is_bundle, unit price measure and basic measure, multi-pack, installment, identifier presence flag, adwords group filter, minimum/maximum processing time, cost of sale, include/exclude destination, availability date, promotion ID, and custom labels.
Specific fields for shopping actions: google funded promotion eligibility, product cost, purchase quantity limit, return address label, return policy label, sell quantity on google
Local inventory-specific fields: pickup method, pickup SLA.

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