1.10.0 WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro

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Delve deeper into your WooCommerce sales funnel with Google Analytics Pro.
WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro turbo charges to integrate your WooCommerce store with your free Google Analytics account. Get detailed insights into your store’s traffic and eCommerce events so you can improve your sales funnel and increase revenue.

Why use Google Analytics Pro turbo
Provides basic website tracking and analytics, such as page views or customer sessions.
Includes all the powerful features of the free version, such as generic analytics and enhanced ecommerce tracking, but with more advanced event tracking.
Allows you to exclude store managers and webmasters from tracking.
Track user IDs for a more accurate user count.
Track basic eCommerce events such as “add to cart” or “start checkout.”
Add advanced eCommerce event tracking such as “add/delete coupons” and “change cart quantity”
Track manually added orders
Add events for customer actions, such as checking in or out, or leaving product reviews/comments.
Add tracking for order refunds and cancellations
Track customer email opens as events in the “Email” category
Includes full support for analytics reports for shopping and checkout behavior NEW.
Added checkout options for deeper insight into customer checkout choices, such as the payment method selectedNEW.
Detailed event tracking
Advanced event tracking in WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro gives you more details about your sales process, and you can track things like “account viewed” or “coupons applied” to get a full picture of what your customers are doing on your site. You can also track these events in your purchasing workflow, such as viewing coupon data for orders and conversion rates for coupons used.

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