4.9.16 WooCommerce Follow-Up Emails

Engage customers, students and prospects with less work and manual work
Do you always remember to send personalized emails to follow up with your customers? Do you know who your best customers are and constantly nurture them to make additional purchases or make sure they are happy with their last purchase? Do you want to know when a student is behind or has not yet taken a quiz? Are you adding new content and communicating it to your audience? Do you segment your mailing list based on interest?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, following up will make your business better. The Direct Marketing Association reports that email marketing has an ROI of $43 per dollar spent, making it the most effective marketing channel for driving sales.

Follow up allows you to.
Send emails and tweets to your customers and prospects
Track the effectiveness of your emails (opens/clicks/sends/etc.)
Automate your marketing communications so you can spend more time making sales
Track customer value to enhance your understanding of your customers
Keep up to date with student progress and communicate updates
Create reminders to ensure you don’t miss any communication
Optimize your email marketing spend without high monthly fees
Create and manage mailing lists to get a complete 360-degree view of your email marketing
Customize templates for each campaign (even emails) to ensure emails look great on every device
Personalize your emails with built-in variables and merge tags, and support custom variables
Enhance the WooCommerce email system and integrate it into your marketing program

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