1.5.6 WooCommerce Deposits

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Allow customers to place a deposit or use a payment plan.
With WooCommerce Deposit, your customers can make a deposit or use a payment plan for the products you specify. Nice, hey?

This powerful and flexible tool allows you to create custom payment plans with variable percentages and intervals. Customers are guided through the process of paying for items as they browse and check out, with easy-to-understand visuals.

What a deposit product looks like in your store.
How the deposit option is displayed on the products in your store.
If a deposit is mandatory on the product.
If a deposit is required on the product.

If a payment plan is attached to the product.
If a payment plan is offered for a product.
Key Features
Customize payment schedules, using days, weeks or months.
Accept deposits, installment plans, or any payment structure you desire.
Provide customers with an intuitive checkout process that explains payment plans in an easy-to-understand visual.
Customers can choose to pay in full or with a deposit.

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