2.2.1 WooCommerce Custom Payment Gateway Pro

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All fields are highly customizable as you can change the name, tags, size, default values, CSS classes/es, etc.

Unlimited customization gateways
Not only can you use the gateways you have already created, you can also create an unlimited number of custom payment gateways and have full control over them.

Customized gateway icons
You can distinguish your gateway with a special icon that will be displayed on the checkout page.

Order status after checkout
You can configure the status of orders that are paid for using your custom payment gateway.

Full form builder
A rich, dynamic, drag-and-drop form builder that helps you customize your gateway forms as much as possible. The form builder supports the following fields.

API request after checkout
A very powerful tool that allows payment information to be sent to an external API for processing or storing payment information.

You can redirect customers to a custom URL after checkout.
Set the type of API request, which can be POST or GET.
Set the data type of the request, which can be FORM DATA or JSON.
Set any additional API parameters, such as API keys, etc.
Set the Key/Value combination of API parameters and WooCommerce data, such as.
Order ID
Total orders
Customer’s name
client’s last name
Customer ID
Customer zip code
Customer City
Customer Status
Client country
Customer Email
customer call
Client IP address
Add payment information to the order email
Optionally, you can add the submitted payment information to the order’s email.

Debug mode
Debug mode is a great tool for testing plugin settings and checkout pages, as the payment gateway will only be activated for you if debug mode is enabled.

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