WooCommerce Currency Switcher

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WooCommerce Currency Switcher (WOOCS) is a multi-currency plugin for WooCommerce that allows your website visitors to switch product price currencies in real time and pay in the selected currency based on a set currency exchange rate (optional). Allow adding any currency to your WooCommerce store! Makes the ideal solution for serious WooCommerce store websites in multiple currencies!

Simply put, this plugin can be beneficial for your store. Checkout by selected currency, different GeoIP rules, different fixed price rules and amount rules, user role based prices, country based prices, payment rules, API.

✔ Representation.
Currency Switcher is a widget that can be used in any widgetized area, and for flexibility, shortcode [woocs] as well. You can insert the shortcode [woocs] anywhere on your site, even in the top menu.

In addition, the plugin has ajaxed shortcode/widget for currency converters and ajaxed shortcode/widget for currency exchange rates.
The WooCommerce Currency Switcher can be graphically represented in 3 different ways: dropdown, flag, and side toggle. For each currency, it can set flags.

Customers can pay in the (preferred) currency of their choice. The name of this feature is “Do you allow multiple” and should be enabled in the plugin settings.

✔ Exchange Rates.
7 currency aggregators to automatically change the exchange rate. Admins can also set the exchange rate manually if necessary! Administrators have the option to be notified of currency exchange rate changes via email.

✔Automatic exchange rate update
Update the currency exchange rate every hour, twice a day, daily, weekly, monthly, every 5 minutes, every 15 minutes, every 30 minutes, every 45 minutes. Or you can disable it and set your own currency exchange rate hands!

Set the price format to suit your needs – decimal point, common currency symbol or custom symbol, currency symbol position (4 variants). You can choose to show or hide the fractional value for each currency. For each currency, you can set your own comma after the decimal point, so BTC is not an issue with this plugin.

✔ Customize Currency Symbols
Create and use your own currency symbols that you need. You can even use currencies that don’t exist in reality!

✔ Custom price formatting
Each currency can have its own format, and prices and currency symbols can be set on the side you want.

✔ Statistics
Collects currency conversion statistics for commercial purposes. Does not collect any private data about the customer, only the currency, country and switching time. There are also statistics on order currency.

✔ Currency Visibility
The currency can be set to public or private mode. In private mode, the currency is not published in the toggle and the user cannot set it via the ‘?currency=XXX’ link.

✔ Light video to understand the basics
WooCommerce Currency Switcher Video

Note: For a different video (which is an improved version) of the plugin designed today, see the screenshot below

✔Payment rules
Rules for hiding/showing payment gates on the checkout page based on the current currency.

✔ Welcome Currency
Allow to set any price currency you want for the first visit of your website visitors. So, if your store currency is Indian Rupees and you want your customers to convert the price they see on their first visit to USD, you just need to set the “Welcome Currency” in the WOOCS option.

✔ Individual prices based on user roles
Provides the ability to set different prices for each user role in each currency. Very powerful features and loyalty programs for your store customers.

✔ Individual GeoIP rules for each product
Super feature that allows different countries to display different prices in different currencies! This feature implements WooCommerce’s country-based pricing functionality. This feature enables WooCommerce’s country-based pricing functionality.

✔ Individual fixed price rules for each product
The feature allows to set a fixed price for each product for each currency, in which case, for the product will not apply the conversion rate, watch the video.

✔ GEO IP rules for visitors local currency detection
This feature is more targeted and allows you to set prices in local currency for your visitors when they first visit your store. The currency changes automatically according to the visitor’s IP, and even more – if you enable the option “Checkout GeoIP Rules”, your customers will always buy products in their local currency!

✔ Fixed minimum amount per currency for free shipping.
Allows you to set the minimum amount of free shipping as a fixed value for each currency.

✔ Fixed minimum amount for shipping per currency.
It is allowed to set a fixed minimum shipping amount for each currency.

✔ Fixed amount of coupons for each currency
You can set different amounts for different currencies in your store’s coupons. Alternatively, the system will calculate the amount based on the currency exchange rate and relative to the base currency.

✔ Fixed minimum and maximum coupon validation amounts for each currency.
For different currencies, you can set different fixed validation amounts instead of calculating the amount relative to the base currency exchange rate.

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