9.1 WooCommerce Checkout Fields & Fees

WooCommerce checkout fields and fees will allow you to easily apply fees (or offer discounts if the fee value is negative) and display additional fields in checkout billing and shipping forms! Both fees and additional fields can be applied/displayed based on logical rules …… All this is done using a nice visual editor!

The plugin allows the store administrator to create fees (or discounts if the fee value is negative) and additional checkout billing and shipping fields, which he can choose to associate with some conditional rules. Based on these conditional rules, the plugin will determine whether additional fields must be displayed in the Checkout form and whether the fees must be applied to the Checkout cart.

Each field/cost can have multiple conditional rules associated with and/or conditions. Conditional rules can take into account data from multiple product/category/shopping cart/user aspects such as amount spent, height, weight, tax, user role …… See the Conditional Logic paragraph for more information!

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