2.5.6 WooCommerce Checkout Add-Ons

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Offer free or paid add-on items and services at checkout.
WooCommerce’s core checkout process covers all the basic functionality needed to place an order, but what if you want to accept tips, offer gift wrapping, or allow customers to add gift information to their orders? That’s where the WooCommerce checkout add-on comes in. With the checkout add-on, you can add free or paid options to your checkout page. You can add several different types of fields depending on your add-on type – text fields, radio buttons, file uploads, and more!

Here are a few ways you can use the checkout plugin to improve your checkout.
Accept order prompts and use percentage based fees.
Offer additional or free services, such as shipping insurance, company stickers/small gifts, or emergency handling.
Add gift options, such as messages, gift wrap options and gift receipts.

What can I do with the checkout add-on?
Checkout Add-Ons offers many features that allow you to customize your checkout experience.

Create many custom field types to cover many different uses – text, text fields, drop-down (i.e. select fields), multiple selections, radio buttons, checkboxes, multiple checkbox lists, and file uploads.
Add option fields for additional services and additional sales (inventory management is not supported).
Option to add fixed amount or percentage based costs depending on how the customer interacts with the field.
Create conditional add-ons that appear or change based on factors such as cart subtotals, products in the cart, or the value of other add-ons.
Dynamically update order details and totals at checkout when options are selected or modified.
Support for WooCommerce subscriptions by adding add-ons to initial purchases and renewals.

Compatible with single page checkout
Customers can view the selected add-ons from the order details page and email.
Administrators can sort and filter the WooCommerce > Orders page based on the add-ons and their values.
Save the selected options and uploaded content, even if the customer is not present to view it during checkout.

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