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Give one or more free items with the purchase of another item.
The Buy One Get One Free plugin allows you to create a type of offer: if a customer adds a specific number of products to the cart, then gives away one or more items of the same or another product.

Some examples of promotions you can create with Buy-One-Get-One-Free.

Allow customers to give away a laptop bag if they purchase one or more items from the laptop category.
Allow customers to select a free item from the accessories category when they purchase one or more items from the hoodie category.
When a customer purchases one hoodie, add another hoodie to the cart for free.

Start encouraging your customers to make more purchases.
Buy One Get One Free (BOGO for short) is one of the best deals you can use to clear and move inventory, as well as generate more cash. People have to buy more items to get the discount, so you get more cash for your money.

The most popular features
The Buy-One-Get-One plugin includes functions and features that cover a wide range of use cases.

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