2.0.14 WooCommerce Bundled Products

WooCommerce Product Bundles

Increase your average order value with WooCommerce bundles
Bundle products together on a single product page to create lookbooks, gift baskets, bundles with additional parts, cross-sells, and more to increase the average order value of your store.
Allow customers to add each product in a bundle to their cart or add an entire bundle with a single click for a seamless buying experience.
Bundle Pricing
Pricing and Discounts

Add irresistible bundle pricing and discounts
Display your bundle pricing in ranges, combinations, or set custom prices to meet your store’s needs.
Add fixed discounts to your bundles when all bundles are purchased together to make purchasing decisions easier.
Customers will be able to see how much they saved on the fixed price bundle on the add to cart button – complete the transaction.
woocommerce Bundles
Add any product type

Create product bundles regardless of product type
With WooCommerce bundles, you can add any type of product to your bundle, including simple, variable, virtual, and more. Allowing you to make bundles as simple or complex as you need.
After adding variable products, customers will be able to select colors, sizes, fabrics, and more before adding the bundle to their cart for a seamless experience.

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