V2.3.1 WooCommerce Bambora (Beanstream)

WooCommerce Bambora (Beanstream)
Easily and safely accept deposit playing cards including Bambora
The WooCommerce Bambora (formerly Beanstream) extension provides absolutely integrated WooCommerce and Bambora checkout services. The payment area directly related to your Internet site. Therefore, you will have maximum control of the government when you check out, and customers will never make payments based on the web page you leave.

Even better, using Bambora’s Custom Checkout implementation, your seamless checkout also complies with the SAQ-A level PCI protocol, providing you with beautiful, seamless and secure checkout.

Let your customers save their savings card or bank debts according to their WooCommerce scores, because it can check out quickly and easily. Includes a complete guide to WooCommerce subscription!

Why choose WooCommerce Bambora?
WooCommerce Bambora brings many useful new features in Model 2.0:

Automatically handle refunds/invalidation from within WooCommerce
Capture previously approved transactions outside of the WooCommerce executive screen, including partial capture NEW
Since orders and separate virtual gadgets are forced to spend together instead of authorizing them
The transaction is automatically seized, so the reputation of the method will change after the payment status NEW
Full support for WooCommerce subscription NEW
Complete help for WooCommerce pre-ordering NEW
Customers may imitate their tags, which sounds like they have saved their payment method for easy checkout. NEW
Support Bambora Custom Checkout to expand security, comply with PCI SAQ A recognized standards
Updated the price structure along the retina icon during checkout
Add a mobile-friendly checkout function for digital input because of the type of business card or protection code
Customers can collect inventory billing methods based on bills, unless activated through checkout
Customers can collect nicknames even smoother according to the cost-saving technique of editing checkout. NEW
Display a list rejection message at checkout to replace long-standing errors
Customers never leave your page during checkout
Accept major credit/debit cards-Visa®, MasterCard®, AmericaExpress®, Discover®, Diner’s, JCB
Simple, integrated checkout
Using Bambora development will approve you to determine the pleasure of the checkout method, and at the same time because the complete process can keep the buyers of your website satisfied. This provides you with the greatest rules of this experience and gives you a smooth checkout system, because consumers, not business owners, have the most customizability.

Supported because of automatic refund and invalid
Nowadays, store personnel may refund paid systems that include Bambora because there is no delay in entering WooCommerce including Bambora-according to the system refund, there is no additional record score within the service provider! By creating a full or partial refund that exceeds the dignity of “editing order”, and then clicking “refund with credit card”, traffic will be automatically sent after Bambora, thereby speeding up your custody management.

Safely save customer payment methods
Thanks to faster checkout, customers can easily and securely retail multiple scoring methods to retailers, as shown in the unified “My Payments” section on their accounts. The payment records for the Bambora anti-seepage server are saved, and then you will take responsibility because the PCI protocol has been greatly reduced. Customers will even add a nickname because of the storage method used to simplify references.

Full support, because subscribe and then you can book
Bambora is the ideal portal for WooCommerce subscriptions, it can help because of the entire subscription feature-price date change, persimmon contribution change, etc. This door also fully supports WooCommerce pre-orders. You can first implement the fact of absorbing customers’ fees, and then routinely use their charging methods after the pre-order is placed.

Collect fees from WooCommerce now
Some users make selections based on the hire price method only after approving the expenses instead of allowing and withholding them. However, this requires consumers to imitate seizure fees based on the lower part of the price entry management area.

The 2.0+ version of this development version allows you to selectively capture previously approved transactions directly from the WooCommerce edit order screen instead of recording your Bambora government dashboard to make it work. Simply edit the order and select the “Capture Fee” operation to capture the price selection through Bambora.

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