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Automatically generate transaction reports for your Authorize.net account.
Reporting on your Authorize.net transactions can be a real pain. You need to log into your account and run various complex reports (in some cases up to half an hour!) ), just to get a simple list of transactions. Nothing more! Just install and configure this extension to get a simple list of transactions. Just install and configure this extension and you can start receiving daily emails with your Authorize.net transactions from the previous day attached as CSV.

Even better, you can log in to your WooCommerce store and download the CSV of transaction details on demand from a given date range without having to log in to your Authorize.net account. If you accept payments for your WooCommerce store through Authorize.net and need to generate reports to monitor transactions, this extension is a must-have.

Automated Daily Reporting Emails
We know that you need information about sales and revenue to make resource allocation or strategic decisions for your business. We also know that you don’t have time to waste on getting this information through inconvenient systems every day. With this extension, you can enter a single email or email list to receive daily transaction detail reports. The previous day’s transaction details are exported as a CSV file and attached to the email, so you don’t even need to log in to your WooCommerce store or Authorize.net account to keep track of your sales. Take back your valuable time for other projects or some well-deserved personal time!

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