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Selling software or services to earn recurring revenue
WooCommerce API Manager transforms WooCommerce products into API resources that can be accessed via an API Key (license key). API resources (products) can be software, services, iPhone or Android apps, memberships, subscriptions, or anything that can be accessed over the Internet. The most common product types are Simple, Variable, Simple Subscription, Variable Subscription, and Groups. Subscription product types are created using the WooCommerce Subscriptions extension and can be automatically charged on renewal anniversaries. API access to expiration time limits is also supported for built-in WooCommerce product purchases, which need to be purchased manually for renewals.

How does it work? A customer purchases a product (API resource) that will have an API Key with a defined number of activations or an unlimited number of activations. The customer uses the API Key to access the API resource, which is controlled by the WooCommerce API Manager. If the API resource has an expiration date, the API resource will remain accessible until it expires. For more advanced time management of API resources, WooCommerce API Manager can work seamlessly with WooCommerce Subscriptions.

Sell API keys as licenses for software and automatic updates.
WooCommerce API Manager protects your software with an API Key by acting as a WooCommerce software license manager. The API Key provides access to API resources. By using API Key, the client software has a full range of options to activate, deactivate, check activation status, get update information, check for updates, get updates, etc. All software downloads are done using a secure API Key. All software downloads use secure, expired URLs to ensure that only your clients can securely access the purchased software. Software downloads can come from the WooCommerce store’s local server, Amazon S3, or a remote server.

To make it easier to sell API keys for WordPress plugins and themes, the WooCommerce API Manager PHP Library for Plugins and Themes has been developed as a PHP library that can be dropped into plugins and themes in less than 5 minutes via WooCommerce! API Manager for API key authentication and software updates. Learn more about how to get a copy of the WooCommerce API Manager PHP Library for Plugins and Themes.

Built-in Amazon S3 file download support
File downloads are better served by Amazon S3, which is globally scalable and very affordable for businesses of any size. Set up your files as described in the documentation, copy and paste the Amazon S3 URL, and your files will be served securely by Amazon S3. Use Amazon S3 to completely avoid issues with local web server setup, web hosting, firewalls, WooCommerce file download changes, and other obstacles.

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