1.3.16 weForms Pro – Business

weForms Pro – Business
Build the most amazing forms fast
The fastest form builder
Quickly form Smiths along attraction and decay features. Also comes with dwell preview option

Pre-built templates
weforms offers more than 25 pre-built templates according to retailers your valuable time. Spend times with the most things to do.

Support Modules
16+ handy modules to complete the journey after the better. From MailChimp to Salesforce, such popular names are incomplete.

Customizable Custom Fields
Define fields between forms using over 33 custom fields. Includes customization options to complete upstairs in your field

Responsive Forms
Now you don’t have to worry that your forms are no longer as desirable as more than one resolution. Create responsive enough types to mimic taking care of certain screens.

Multiple Step Forms
weForms has the ability to propagate multi-step varieties with the production of post-production. So it becomes less difficult as you mimic the people who recognize forms in the outdoors

Configure your forms according to your imagination
Anytime, anywhere
There are no restrictions on dates and locations.

Conditional Logic
Apply conditional good judgment to your variety for greater interactivity. Determine prerequisites based entirely on certain events/actions.

Modules for configuration
Use built-in modules to mimic editing your forms with additional functionality as well. Provide your customers with a distinctive travel experience

Google Maps support
Use the famous Google Maps in your forms. Just use the API key to start using it

Pay immediately next to your form. It makes the method easier thanks to the user.

Redirect to any direction
In your shape settings, you can choose positioning options to redirect your customers to wherever you need them to be.

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