1.2.7 User Registration Conditional Logic

Conditional logic is only available for front-end forms. On the backend, it does not hide any fields. However, it does apply to profile details fields.
If the field is required and hidden by the conditional logic, it will bypass the required one.
You can now apply conditional logic to fields and hide or show them conditionally on the front end. Conditional logic allows you to show or hide certain fields based on the values of other fields. You will get conditional settings for each field except for the user password, user email and user name.

For example, I have set conditional logic on the Last Name field in the screenshot below.

Conditions for the Last Name field. If the user inserts “ted” in the First Name field, the Last Name field will only be displayed to the user.

Enable conditional logic: remains unchecked by default. Click on the field and enable it to apply conditional logic to the selected field.
Show or hide if any or all of the following groups of matches.
-You can select Show or Hide to show or hide the fields that depend on the conditions specified below the group.
-If you want any of the following groups to be true, you can select Any. If you want all groups to be true, you can select All.
Conditional Groups: By default there is one group that must be there. You must have at least one group and at least one condition within the group, the same as you see in the screenshot shown above.

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