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User Registration – The best WordPress registration form plugin
Creating WordPress user registration forms and login forms has never been easier. Absolutely no coding required. 60,000+ users trust

Creating WordPress user registration forms has never been easier
User Registration is the best WordPress registration form and login form plugin with a simple drag and drop form builder. Create any type of registration form in less than a minute. The best part of the plugin is that it offers unlimited customization options for each registration field and form.

Drag and Drop Builder
Yes, you don’t need to write code to create user registration forms. Just drag and drop registration fields and you’re done. No code, no fuss.

Drag and drop fields
Email Notifications
Email notifications are critical to any user registration form. Sending customized emails to users immediately after they register on your site builds trust and helps with conversion. In addition, you can send multiple other notifications about profile details changes, email confirmations, password changes, and more.

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