2.3.09 User Profiles Made Easy

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User Profiles Made Easy (UPME) is a full-featured front-end profile, login and registration plugin for WordPress. It is user friendly, fully responsive and works with any theme. With this plugin, you can stop sending your users to ugly back-end profile, registration and login pages and instead give your users a seamless front-end experience on a page that matches the rest of your site.

UPME takes your profile to the next level by allowing you to create unlimited custom profile fields and fully customize your registration form. You can control which fields are required, which fields users can edit, which fields are private, and much more. You can even display your users in a beautiful, searchable member directory, or just show one or two specific users on any page or post, with many included shortcodes. The possibilities are endless.

General Features.
Elegant, responsive front-end profiles and unlimited custom fields.
Beautiful front-end login and registration form, along with shortcodes.
Compatible with all (correctly coded) themes!
Search Engine Friendly Line Permanent Address Options
Integration with Yoast search engine marketing due to SEO features.
Support distribution material about social networks.
Enable/disable third birthday celebration letters or styles.
Work with any current usermeta information and usermeta field routines from despicable plugins.
Use shortcode to display/promote a precise user and team of customers anywhere.
Fully responsive and adjusts extraordinarily to fit some honorable size.
Easy to use shortcode generator
Fully translatable to some speech, using .po files.
Import/export custom fields.
Import/export UPME settings.
Export UPME users.
Customize moves and filters as more features are added, other plugins are used.
UPME Developer API for retrieving UPME facts because of the dastardly plugins and then themes
New features introduced regularly!
Dedicated help forum!
Enable/disable 0.33 birthday celebration monuments and styles.

Login and registration.
Add/remove fields based on fixed forms via filters.
Multiple Sake varieties along with unique fields using filters.

1 – Click on your neighbors to log in, then include sake from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+.
Enforce specific person roles on each tie structure through the filter.
Enable user role selection on the registration form.
User can set password when registering.
User profile approval allows administrators to manually approve users before logging in.
Compatible with the Invitation Code plugin to enable ties via the Dare Code.
Login with email or username.
Add/remove fields that match the login form via filters.
Built-in login shape templates related to a wide range of designs.

Support for role-based login redirection.
Multiple social login icon packages to choose from.
Customize login and tie header via filters.
Customizable login and registration verification via filters.
Password power meter then assists with power password power.
Two-factor authentication with email, allowing customers to improve the security of their login credentials in compliance.
Sidebar login widget/shortcode
Importing images in the registration form

Information Features.
Awesome outline header design.

Customize the size and design to show the plan photo inside.
Customize the program header through filters.
Create multi-person profiles with the use of filters for specific areas.
Trigger profile area updates or recognize administrators.
Customize verification about sketch updates using filters.

Automate events together with Gravatar and then users can upload custom profile images and headers.
Action for users to upload avatars in all about WordPress places (comments, bbPress avatars, etc.).
Separate profile page with hyperlinks after the user’s profile to automatically generate a cutting-edge person profile.
Lightbox avatars cropped as profile images
Users can also easily view/edit their own profile.
Users make decisions on private profiles, in imitation of the people completing the program, and then private
After confirmation by the user, it is possible to follow the weed profile.
Latest member gadgets
The linker’s name is displayed after the UPME outline page, but not in the author profile.
Display profile based on user role
View other user profiles based entirely on consumer role restrictions
Open your profile in a super pop-up window
Cover image of consumer profile
Multi-programmatic header and cover photo design
The latest personal widgets and short codes
Automatic resizing of sketch photos
Pre-built profile labels, as the display built-in service gut resolves the label internal profiles. (Custom labels require advanced add-ons.)

Search the member list.
Custom, searchable, paginated member lists.
Search and filter by using custom fields

Highlight featured members from other members.
Display feature listings based entirely on feature level.
List of members by user role
Displaying a list of widgets mainly based on custom area values
Sort search results based entirely on custom subject values.

Product Information

  • 100% Original Files.
  • Unlimited domain use.
  • Free New Version.
  • Share Your Valuable Opinions