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What is the Ultimate Video Player WordPress plugin?
Ultimate Video Player WordPress Plugin is a powerful responsive video/audio player for any wordpress theme compatible with WooCommerce, can play (mp4)/audio (mp3), streaming video or audio from servers, Youtube videos or Vimeo/Vimeo Pro videos. It only requires mp4/ mp3 formats (the best and most commonly used formats on the web), it will work on mobile devices and desktops, regardless of which browser is used, and this is a very clever way to integrate multiple video engines in the logic of the video player. Playlists, each playlist can have unlimited videos. Playlists can be loaded from a simple HTML tag, XML file, hybrid playlist (vimeo | vimeo pro | youtube | HTML5 video/audio), video folder (mp4 file), audio folder (mp3 file), YouTube playlist or vimeo/album playlist.

With lots of features like responsive layout, multiple playlists, external API, optional deep linking, responsive skins, embedding and sharing, sharing window, video quality selector, subtitle selector, 360 degree/virtual reality/VR support, audio support with live spectrum visualization. Pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll video or image, image ads, private/password protected video, encrypted video source/path, HTTP live stream/ HLS/m3u8 video support, DASH MPEG/mpd live Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Drive, openload/openload. It makes it the best and the most! Impressive video player available on sale.

Key Features of Ultimate Video Player WordPress Plugin:
Responsive layout .

Shortcode generator .

WooCommerce support, UVP can be included in WooCommerce product pages, all video formats, features and settings work exactly like in the WordPress version without any limitations.

Support for chromecast, use chromecast to play mp4 video or mp3 audio on the TV screen, media can be controlled through the player interface, basically the browser and player becomes a remote control for the TV, examples here, video tutorials here, (please note that HLS, youtube, vimeo and ads are not supported at the moment).

Custom post types are supported.

Option to start directly from a playlist or video in shortcode, video tutorial here.

Thumbnail previews and duplicate playlists. See this example, and this video tutorial.

Live auto-generated video thumbnails can now automatically generate video preview thumbnails directly from the video, example here, and video tutorial here. This feature works with self or externally hosted mp4/video, HLS/m3u8, Google drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, etc…

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