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Are you planning to create a community website of your own? If yes, Ultimate Membership is a plugin that is more than just a membership plugin. Initially, this plugin was made to develop and design a community website but currently, it is doing more. There are a number of membership plugins that are available on the market but, they focus entirely on restricting content to members. However, Ultimate Membership has the ability to do much more than that. There are very few plugins that can be created in the marketplace for the membership directory, and Ultimate Membership is a great choice of plugins for online projects like this. This plugin will allow you to effectively manage your site’s members, and you can also enable your site’s members to manage themselves. After installing and activating the Ultimate Membership plugin, you will be able to create roles for the members, directories, and profile forms for your membership site. Adding these things will allow the members of your site to display their profile inside effectively. If you want to extend the functionality and performance of this premium plugin then, don’t forget about the Ultimate Membership Extension.

Prominent Features of the Plugin.
Revolutionary Features of Ultimate Membership Pro Plugin

Convenient and intuitive plug-in

Well when it comes to ease of use, no plugin can beat the Ultimate Membership plugin.WordPress beginners can also manage their own community websites. This is one of the most feature-rich plugins, which is very lightweight and is complemented by a user-friendly interface. To provide ease of use, this plugin is supplemented with front-end user registration and login, front-end user profile and account pages, registration forms, drag and drop form builder, user profile styles, member directory, additional user fields, and many more features. We assure you that while using this plugin, you will find a plethora of features that will lead to even more advancements in the design of your community website.

Paid Extensions for Advanced Options

This modern and advanced plugin comes bundled with a premium selection of paid extensions that can be used by users to expand the overall performance of this plugin for your website. So, whenever you’ll feel a shortage of tools for this plugin then, don’t forget about its paid extensions. The most popular extensions for it include WooCommerce, Simple Digital Downloads, Ninja Forms, MailChimp, bbPress, myCRED, Live Notifications, and more.

Sign up via front-end

Visitors to your community site can sign up to become a member of your site through the front end. After registering on your site, members will not be able to see the admin dashboard as it is limited to you. You can easily keep track of registered members on your site. You can determine the registration status registration actions, assign roles to members, create multiple registration forms, add role selection fields, or set the default user role when users will register on your website.

Ultimate Member Shortcodes

Ultimate Member Pro plugin is mainly controlled through its settings and dashboard. However, the benefits of using this plugin don’t end there. It also comes bundled with Ultimate Membership shortcodes and the list of these shortcodes is quite long. The shortcodes simplify the task for the users as they can use these shortcodes and easily customize them in your membership site. You can find these shortcodes within the plugin itself in the form and on the member directory page.

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