2.2.2 Ultimate Member Profile Completeness

Profile Integrity
With the Profile Integrity extension, you can encourage or force users to complete their profiles. This is one of the best ways to ensure that people are engaging with your site and that your site is not filled with empty user profiles.

Key Features

Sidebar widgets to display users’ outstanding profile fields and progress bars
Users can fill in profile fields through pop-ups anywhere on the site, or go to a profile fill field
Force users to complete their profile by redirecting them to their Edit Profile page until they complete their profile
Show only users in the member directory who have completed their profile (you can set a percentage limit to be applied)
Determine which fields to include to complete the profile
Set the percentage each field contributes to completion (e.g., 5% for gender, 10% for country)
Once a user completes their profile, the widget will disappear
Determine for which user roles profile integrity is turned on
Set unique fields for each role
Use shortcodes to display profile progress bars anywhere on the site
Restrict users from commenting on posts before completing a profile
Restrict users from creating topics and replies on the bbPress forums until they complete their profiles
Restrict users from viewing other users’ profiles until they complete their profile
Determine the required profile completion level before users are no longer restricted

Product Information

  • 100% Original Files.
  • Unlimited domain use.
  • Free New Version.
  • Share Your Valuable Opinions