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Touchy is a premium mobile menu and header plugin for WordPress. It’s designed with smartphones in mind, it’s fast, responsive and super comfortable to use. In addition to being fully tested on different mobile devices, Touchy works well on a desktop browser, so you can even use it on a full-fledged desktop website if you want.

With a logo location, quick-access call and email buttons, an integrated search function, and a back button and a multi-level drop-down menu, Touchy can be used as a complete mobile navigation and header solution on any WordPress theme. It can even be used to hide the class/ID of your theme logo/menu.

In addition, Touchy is extremely customizable. With just a few clicks, you can change the color of any element, change the positioning options, hide any of the menu bar buttons, override button features, change transparency, etc., all integrated through the ridiculously easy-to-use real-time customizer. You can also use non-stylized widget placement to add call-to-action behavior to your menu, embed content, insert shortcodes, or anything else you might need. In short, you can make it essentially unrecognizable with its default look.

Ultra-fast setup and customization through WordPress Live Customizer integration.
Change alignment and positioning, change opacity, overlay and/or hide elements, customize each element’s color, and more.
Option to display only at a specified resolution
Automatically hide your theme menu/header by class/ID when Touchy is displayed.
Add customizable text labels
Fixed or absolute positioning
Place at the top or bottom of the screen
Optionally apply a sliding animation on page load.
Change transparency for perspective effect
Rearrange the Back, Call, Email, Search, and WooCommerce buttons.
Freely adjust the distance and rounding of the edges of the screen
Replace any or all of the default icons (1500+ icons).
Hide any of the buttons
Customize the color of each button
Customize the height of the button dividers (or hide them completely).
Option to increase the size of the menu bar shadow as the page scrolls.
Option to hide the menu bar shadow
Customize the color of each element

drop-down menu (computing)
Multi-level accordion menu
You can scroll if there are too many menu items on the screen.
Option to close the menu on click/touch (useful for one-page sites with anchor links, for example)
Optionally open submenus using the full menu item (by default, arrows open submenus).
Add icons to the menu items (1500+).
Add descriptions for menu items
Highlighting menu items with visual indicators
Changing the font size and line height of menu items
Change the font size and line height for the distance from the menu item description.
Use one of your theme’s fonts in the menu.
Two sub-menu arrow animation options (flip the arrow or animate to “X”).
Beautifully animated

2 undefined widget locations (at the top and bottom of the menu).
Insert HTML, CSS, shortcodes, use embed codes, etc. Use it for anything you can think of: announce products, add social buttons, highlight content, etc.
Change the thickness of the rounded corners and bottom borders of the dropdown menu.
Customize the color of each element
Logo location
When the site scrolls, the logo subtly disappears and the menu bar becomes sticky.
Use text or upload logo images (including retina image support).
Align logos left, center or right.
Option to hide the background and shadow of the logo area
Add a background image to the logo area (display as a pattern or full size, change the opacity).
Optionally hide the entire logo area
Customize the color of each element
Integrated call/email/search/back/wooCommerce shopping cart icon functionality.
Easily enter phone number, email recipient and email subject.
Choose between shopping cart/bag icons for WooCommerce buttons.
Enter custom icons (1500+) and completely change the functionality of back/call/email/search/menu buttons by linking them anywhere you want.
Option to show any button only to logged in users.
Option to hide any or all buttons
Search area
Changing the default text field placeholder text
Changing the default “Search” button label text
Hide the “Clear field” option
Hide the “Search” button
Customize the color of each element
Second, the full-screen search design includes
background coverage
Displayed when opening the search function or menu
Changing the background color and opacity

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