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TotalPoll Pro – Responsive WordPress voting plugin
TotalPoll WordPress voting plugin
TotalPoll is a powerful WordPress plugin that allows you to easily spread and then integrate polls. It provides a variety of options and purposes to give you full power in the polls, or to become more likely to die due to your habits.


The WordPress API is used because of WordPress.
Easy installation.
Simple voting creation process.
One-click update.
User-friendly interface, mobile first.
SEO readiness polls are enriched with structured data along schema.org.
Unlimited polls, choices, designs, colors, layouts, fonts, including custom settings.
Custom fields: text, text content area, check box, attenuation under the decision menu (including custom CSS training but not yet verified (email, required items, etc.).
Portable polls. Export, import votes with built-in WordPress tools.
Details are still available.
Record clear information (time, IP, browser, etc.).
Support WordPress 3.8+.
Support technologies that have not been used by third-party plugins: WPML, Polylang, ACF, WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, Varnish, HHVM or Nginx.
Support WordPress poll plugins for WP-Polls and YOP polls.
Different restrictions: Cookies, IP, user role, date, time, percentage and others.
Easy integration with WordPress: widgets, shortcodes, and then specify links.
RTL support.
Polls archives.
Cache applicability (W3 total cache, super cache, fast cache, fastest cache, WP Rocket, WPEngine, ZenCache, HyperCache, Varnish).
AJAX has a poll with a fallback function.
Then, the support will disappear directly from your WordPress dashboard.

Create, edit, remove dust but pop up polls.
Edit voting title, question.
List the polls, including the shortcode and the number of votes.

Add selection.
Order selection.
Change requirement visibility.
A lot of participation in selection.
Edit or reset alternative votes.
Limit settings

Voting can be blocked by the gateway, including the possibility of setting a custom timeout.
Re-voting is blocked by IP, and the possibility of custom shutdown, whitelisting and then blacklisting.
Set membership exclusive (only elected consumer role performs voting).
Enable verification code (supported by reCaptcha).
Set quotas.
Set the start date and then the exit date, and set both at the same time.
Regenerate the unique ID of the poll to reset voters.
Result setting

Asking to vote earlier than seeing the consequences (blind voting).
Set method standards and routes (voting, alphabetical order, ascent, descend, etc.).
Hide the consequences until certain conditions are met, and then replace it with custom content.
Custom result fragments (votes, percentages).
Choose settings

According to the vote, set the number on the smallest choice option.
Set a variety of options regarding the maximum selected preference for mock voting.
Enable paging.
Set rules and standards, but keep the direction (voting, alphabetical order, ascent, variety, etc.).
Allow individual submissions (other fields).
Custom field

Manage custom fields.
Set a value that does not exist.
Enable verification.
Filled (required).
Allowed and prohibited words.
Regular expressions (regex).
Set custom CSS commands based on theme input or tags.
Custom subject templates.
Included between statistics.
Design settings

Change the poll template.
Set non-appearance values.
Reset after missing value.
Custom font settings (font family, line height, size).
Customize template settings (color, layout, selection by line, etc.).
Screen settings

Set acceptance information (before voting).
Set thank you message (after voting).
Log settings

Enable logging.

View statistics.
Choose a ticket.
Vote within 30 days after the event ends.
Vote in the previous month.
Vote for the above years.
Platform (operating system).
Custom fields.
Then print the download result.
Check the log.
Other details.
Download logs like CSV and HTML.
Reset the log.
View submission.
Download the submission file, ie CSV or HTML.
Reset submission.
Extension manager

Install the extension.
Uninstall the extension.
Activate the extension.
Edit the extension.
Template manager

Install the template.
Uninstall the template.
Activate the template.
Edit the template.

Then look at the extension and template.
Install or update the extension from the store immediately, and then install the or template.

Migrate from WP-Polls.
Migrate from YOP Poll.
Migrate outside TotalPoll 2.x.
Clear cache (CSS for template cache).
Import opinion polls.
Export polls.

Activate TotalPoll with Envato to obtain authorization for updates directly related to the WordPress dashboard.

Search the skill library.
Open the assistance ticket.
Download debugging or rule information.

Product Information

  • 100% Original Files.
  • Unlimited domain use.
  • Free New Version.
  • Share Your Valuable Opinions