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Toolkit Forms – User Generated Content
Toolset Forms allows you to build forms that can edit any WordPress content. You will be able to create directories, categories, lists, memberships and any other website that requires front-end content creation and editing.

No HTML, no CSS, no JavaScript and no PHP required!

Tool set form documentation

Create and edit any content type from front-end forms
Forms allow you to build forms for editing any WordPress content on your website’s front-end.

The form will automatically contain all the fields belonging to that content, including custom fields, taxonomies and relationships.

Create, Edit and Delete Content with Frontend Forms
The form doesn’t just let you submit new content. It also allows you to build forms that allow you to edit and even delete existing content.

Together with Toolset’s access control, Forms makes it possible to create complete front-end administration for complex sites, so that users don’t need access to a WordPress administrator.

Toolset forms look great and blend in smoothly!
Forms are built automatically using clean and simple HTML. Toolkit forms look great in wide and narrow areas as well as in any theme. You have complete control over the form’s HTML, so you can easily customize it to make it a local part of any site.

Advanced Editing Process with Email Notifications

Collecting fees through WooCommerce integration
Easily connect WooCommerce products and Toolset forms to build business listings and membership sites. Enjoy the absolute flexibility of Forms and the stability and functionality of WooCommerce.

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