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Do you know about scarcity marketing? No! That’s okay, we will help you understand this marketing strategy. Scarcity marketing is a powerful marketing strategy that takes advantage of the customer’s fear of missing out on something. It is based on the psychology of people wanting something that is hard to get. So, if you also want to take your business to the next level, then you can also consider scarcity marketing. To support your scarcity marketing, there is no better option than Thrive Ultimatum, which has been specially designed by a team of expert developers to greatly increase the conversion rate of your online business without sacrificing your website page speed. It will help you add a sense of urgency to your website and get visitors to your site to buy the products offered as soon as possible before zero hour.

So, what are you waiting for? If you also want to get Thrive Ultimatum plugin for your online store or any other e-commerce site, then simply browse through the prices of the themes on your website and grab this plugin at a great discounted price. Without wasting a single second, install and activate Thrive Ultimatum for your website and it will help you find a powerful way to add scarcity to your WordPress website using a flexible countdown timer that will surely increase your website’s conversion rate in no time. The market is crowded with various countdown timer plugins, but all of them have a lot of common issues like lack of intelligence, very simple appearance, visible only in one place on your website, and more such common issues happening with these plugins. However, the situation is completely different with the Thrive Ultimatum plugin which will give you a free hand to add a great look and feel to your countdown timer. Let’s delve into the various revolutionary and advanced features of this plugin to get a more detailed understanding of the features of this plugin.

Revolutionary Features of Thrive Ultimatum Plugin

Smart Countdown Plug-in

Do you know why this plugin is considered to be one of the smartest countdown plugins out there? There are infinite reasons behind it. It has the ability to provide more countdowns to a specific date than other plugins do. It is an evergreen countdown plugin which is well loved by users.

Incredibly beautiful design

Users of this powerful modern countdown plugin have an unlimited customization option that enables users to bring an incredibly beautiful countdown design by customizing the button colors, text, and more.

Advanced locking feature

The advanced locking feature of this plugin is a proven way to keep track of your prospects. This particular feature helps you make the quote page only appear if your prospect’s quote countdown has not expired, and once the prospect’s countdown expires or is complete, the quote will disappear from their screen.

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