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Quizzes aren’t just limited to being fun, they are also an effective way to increase traffic to your website. With creative and engaging quizzes, you can get more connected with your audience and also understand their point of view. Professionals highly recommend quizzes to attract and grab the attention of your visitors and will also support to increase your email list, social sharing, and give you customer insights. Are you also looking for one of the most compatible and reliable plugins that can help you build creative and engaging quizzes for your website? If yes, then Thrive Quiz Builder is the most powerful quiz builder plugin which is remarkable for easily creating beautiful and complex quizzes that engage and grab the attention of your visitors without even touching a single line of code. There are some quiz builder plugins that are available in the market, but none of them are good enough to thrive as a quiz builder. Most of the digital marketers also like to use this plugin to easily build a simple to complex quiz design to increase user engagement.

Advanced features of Thrive Quiz Builder

Powerful Quiz Builder

Thrive Quiz Builder is widely accepted as one of the most powerful quiz builder plugins with so much to offer. To easily attract the attention of your website visitors, start creating simple to complex quiz designs. Attractive and creative quizzes will be irresistible and your website visitors can’t wait to consume them. And this will ultimately lead to improved click-through rates to your website. Many website owners face trouble with bounce rate. So, in this case, it will also support to reduce the bounce rate of your website as your engaging quiz will influence the visitors to stay on your website for more than 15 seconds.

Code Free Operation

The plugin is precisely designed and developed by the developer to provide a beginner-friendly user interface that can be easily used by users, even without a technical background. With the support of this plugin, you can start building quizzes from scratch coding and it also enables you to easily visualize the quiz and how it appears in front of your website visitors.

Different Types of Quizzes

There are no end of benefits when using this flexible and versatile quiz generator. Users are not limited to creating just one specific type of quiz, as it gives them the free hand to create extremely complex quiz designs with branching logic as well. You can create different types of quizzes including number quizzes, personality quizzes, percentage quizzes, right or wrong quizzes, and we assure you that all these types of quizzes are effective in capturing and qualifying leads for online business.

Quizzes worth sharing

There is no doubt that the performance of Thrive Quiz Builder is amazing and there are no plugins in the market that can beat the performance of this plugin. This gives you the freedom to create share-worthy and engaging quizzes, which will lead to increased traffic to your website. The plugin comes with a built-in badge creator for badges created by users that their website visitors will surely love to share with their family and friends.

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