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Before you publish your sales page, you must do this ……

You’ve almost finished writing your sales page.

You’ve spent hours writing headlines, addressing pain points, and crafting the perfect offer.

Sure, you don’t have product-specific testimonials yet, but you remember Sally’s emails.

A few months ago, she sent an email raving about how working with you helped her achieve her goals.

You decide to dig out that email and copy Sally’s words.

As you read the email, you began to wonder.

Does she want a public display on my website?

You hesitated, should you send her a message? This feels a little wrong, months after she sent you this email. Even if you sent it, then shouldn’t you have asked her for a picture? Or should I wait until she accepts it before asking?

This will take a few days.

Days you don’t have and you plan to launch your sales page today.

A light bulb goes off when you’re looking for a different solution.

You think, I’ll just use the comments people have left on my blog. You bypassed the “privacy” issue and may have even had a photo of them.

You get started, sifting through your WordPress comments.

An hour later, you’re discouraged. You find reviews that say “great stuff” and “love your work,” but those won’t even convince your mom to buy from you.

You say to yourself, let’s just post that sales page and I’ll add testimonials later.

What Happened in ’95 That Changed Online Buying Forever?

What was the first thing you did last time you bought online.

I bet you did, we all do. In 1995 Amazon introduced public product reviews and everybody thought they were committing suicide.

Today, we can not even imagine buying online without knowing what others are saying.

If you’ve ever looked at a sales page, clicked away, came back the next day, read more of the copy before clicking on The buy button, you know anxiety kicks in when you’re thinking about parting with your money.

If you’re thinking about parting with your money.

Testimonials have the power to ease that anxiety and close the sale.

They provide the social proof you need: You’re not the first one buying. question: “Will this work in my particular situation”.

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