2.6 Thrive Clever Widgets

How smart widgets can improve user experience and conversion rates

This is how almost any website uses the space available in the sidebar, footer area or other widget area: no matter what part of the site your visitors are viewing, they will always see the exact same content.

This leads to two main problems.

It ignores the fact that different people come to different parts of your site for different reasons. Instead, it treats everyone in a “one-size-fits-all” manner.
It forces you to display generic content in the widget area, hoping to attract as many people as possible.

With the Clever Widgets plugin (available exclusively for Thrive Suite customers), you can easily display highly relevant content in your widget area. You can show visitors something that makes them say, “That’s exactly what I’ve been looking for!” instead of a generic product that barely draws attention to itself.

For you, this means more clicks, fewer bounces and higher conversion rates.

Clever Widgets recognizes the simple fact that your site visitors tell you a lot about themselves just by the posts and pages they are viewing. With the Clever Widgets plugin, you can now determine exactly where your widget content should be displayed to visitors based on categories, tags, post types and even rules for including and excluding specific pages.

How to improve your website with clever widgets
Thrive Clever Widgets is a WordPress plugin that seamlessly integrates with the default widget options in WordPress. For any widget you add to any widget area, you will see this new link appear once the plugin is installed.

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