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Creating a professional online course shouldn’t be frustratingly complicated, expensive, or time-consuming.

The experience should be more like assembling flat-packed DIY furniture – simple, quick to set up, and leave your guests impressed with the results.

For you, Thrive Apprentice’s course creation experience is simple. Simply follow a step-by-step setup process to create amazing online course “lessons, chapters and modules” using the rapid design capabilities of professional web developers.

For your students, subscribers and customers, the Thrive Apprentice learning environment is intuitive to use, visually appealing, authoritative and professional – exactly what students expect in modern online education.

Backed by Thrive Architect’s unlimited page building capabilities – WordPress’ state-of-the-art drag-and-drop, WYSIWYG visual editor – you can produce each course like an information product artisan.

Use any combination of text, images, video, and design elements to easily and clearly teach an entire online course for your students.

Need important teaching tools like tables, column layouts, stylized lists, or multiple media formats to get your point across in a given course?Thrive Apprentice has you covered.

With Thrive Apprentice, you can create an amazing learning experience for your students directly from your WordPress site and a hassle-free course creation process for yourself.

Nowadays, most online course solutions emphasize the specific features they excel at, but always fail to mention the complex and confusing features they excel at and ask you to figure out.

As an online course creator, here are a few scenarios you may already be familiar with to help illustrate what I mean.

The confusion of membership plugins

Imagine you buy a membership plugin and are under the impression that “the only tool I need to build an online course is this expensive membership software, right?”

As it turns out, that expensive plugin only takes care of the technical aspects of your membership, making your course area look like a bunch of password-protected Web 1.0 blog posts …… Alas!

Drawbacks of LMS solutions
Or, you might invest in a fancy looking Learning Management System (LMS) tool to get all the “bells and whistles” they offer …….

Guess what happens when you buy it?

You find yourself wandering through screen after screen of frustrating options, settings and custom taxonomies – say what? – Only to find that your course is nothing like the one you saw in the product demo.

Platform website scams

Now, as a last ditch effort for convenience and to stop wasting time, you decide to put your course on a platform learning site like Udemy or Teachable.

Well, they make it easy to set up and launch your course, but soon you’re smacking yourself in the face with your Jean-Luc Picard-esque complete lack of course customization options. Soon after, you also discover that you have virtually zero control over your sales page, pricing and marketing.

It’s at this point that you understand what platform course solutions really are: a deal with the information product devil.

They give you a simple course creation experience in exchange for no course customization, marketing flexibility, or pricing control. Your courses are instantly drowning in a sea of other products on these platforms – and someone else gets a big cut of the few courses you end up selling!

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