4.7.9 The Events Calendar Community Tickets

Sell tickets and share profits
Expand the functionality of Community Events and Event Tickets Plus. Let users create and sell tickets for events they submit to your calendar.

Run a robust event marketplace.
Promote ticket sales through crowdsourcing
Site visitors can register to create and sell tickets for events they submit to your calendar.

Automate payments
Provide flexibility for your business
Increase revenue potential

User Ticketing Platform
Event organizers can sell tickets for their own events from your website.

No admin rights required
Users do not need access to your WordPress dashboard to sell tickets and access reports.

Attendee Management
Event organizers can use the check-in tool to manage guest and attendee reports for each event.

Sales Reports
Users can pull reports containing ticket sales information, event revenue and total revenue.

Charge for tickets
Calendar owners can set ticket fees per ticket, per event or per sale. Include the fee in the ticket price or display the fee as an additional cost.

Installment payments
Win-win: Split ticket revenue between you (the calendar owner) and the event organizer at the time of ticket purchase.

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