1.7.0 Super Forms – Register & Login

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With this superform plugin, you can create custom forms that allow you to register new users or log in existing users from your front end. You can also choose to allow only specific user roles to log in. And specify what roles the newly registered users should get. And of course you can use a lost password form that allows users to enter their email address to receive a new password. As an option, you can choose to send an activation email after registration, or allow users to log in immediately after they register. Redirect to any page (such as a dashboard).
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The available field names to use in your form are.
– User Login
– username
– user password
– characters
– user_nicename
– user_url
– Show Name
– nicknames
– name
– surname
– description
– Rich editing
– characters
– (onom.) chatter
– aim (a weapon at a target)
– surname Yan
– Any other data can be saved through the custom user meta.

Under the “Registration and Login” settings, we have a drop-down menu called “Actions”. Here are the available Actions (see below).

Register a new user (this will register a new user and you can choose what role this user should become)
Login (users will be logged in, with the option to restrict specific user roles)
Reset Password (when a user loses their password, they can resend a new one using their email address).

For the registration action, we have the following options.

User Role (any user role provided by WordPress or external plugins).
Send activation link (options are: send activation email/auto activation and login).
Login page URL (when the activation link is sent, this can/will be used to send an email)
Activate the subject of the email (the subject of the activation email).
Activation email body (contains the actual information of the generated activation code).
Custom metadata (any custom user metadata to be saved, must have a field with that name. Example: wooCommerce customer) WooCommerce customer)

For the login action, we have the following options to choose from.

Allowed User Roles: (More than one user role is allowed to log in through this form).
Login Page URL (If the user has not activated their account using the Activation Code parameter, they will be redirected to this page)
Welcome back message (welcome message displayed after successful user login)
The following 2 options are only available if you choose to check only activated accounts.

Wrong activation code message (message displayed if the activation code is incorrect)
Account activation message (a message informing the user that his account has been activated).

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