1.5.0 Storefront Powerpack

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Customize Storefront from top to bottom, all without editing any code.
Customizing your theme has long been a hassle that no one likes to carry out. With Storefront Powerpack, you can change all that.

Powerpack gives you the ability to customize and style almost every aspect of Storefront without touching any code.You can change the header layout of your store, adjust the colors, fonts, and layout of almost any element, change text, checkout flow, and more. Instantly preview your changes in the Customizer. Make changes to individual product pages or on a global scale – it’s all up to you.

Header Layout Configurator

Easily add or remove header components such as logos, shopping carts and navigation. Then simply drag and drop to arrange the layout.

Toggle between checkout options

Toggle between various checkout layouts, toggle “Do Not Disturb” more and other options designed to increase your sales.

Edit product page configurations globally

Hide unwanted text boxes or tags, change the appearance of your gallery, and more.

Add styles and customize the look of your store.

Click to select elements and adjust their styles in real time. Adjust typography (including Google Fonts), colors, margins, padding, and more.

Edit your homepage on the fly

Update the text, buttons, and layout of your homepage from a simple and familiar editor.

Style anything.

From structural elements, such as the main site container, to buttons and products, Storefront’s appearance is completely under your control.

A brief demonstration of Powerpack functionality
You can see how Powerpack works, we created a Storefront style inspired by the ASOS clothing brand.

Product Information

  • 100% Original Files.
  • Unlimited domain use.
  • Free New Version.
  • Share Your Valuable Opinions