4.3.9 Smart Manager Pro

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Daily working hours
The best WooCommerce inventory and stock management plugin. Batch edit and manage products, prices, orders, coupons, manage columns or any WordPress post type using a spreadsheet like form editor.

Spreadsheet/Tablet Editor
The Smart Manager plugin works just like an Excel spreadsheet. So making changes and navigating is quick and easy!

Price, product and inventory management
Navigate through the form to quickly update inventory quantities, set and modify sale prices/regular prices. Set up backorders, delete products, filter and batch edit inventory, edit multiple WooCommerce products and variations at the same time.

Quick inline and batch editing
Create, delete, or update multiple items at once directly from the grid. Change multiple column values and save them all at once. Switch to the local edit screen for full editorial control.

Order management, discount coupons ……
View all orders on one screen, quickly filter and search. Change order status, add new orders manually, edit orders in bulk, or export to CSV. view and find coupons, extend store credit, modify discounts, edit them in bulk ……

Manage sections freely
Easily show, hide and edit data columns to the grid. Sort, search, batch edit, or export any WordPress post type.Smart Manager also supports data types from many third-party plugins.

Posts, pages, users …… Anything.
Use the same tabular interface in WordPress and WooCommerce to view and manage all types of custom post types, users, and properties.

Manage your WooCommerce store 10x faster!
Batch manage products, changes, customers, orders, coupons or greater between effortless spreadsheet interfaces.
Stress-free quantity updates, export, superior requests, and then brush up on more.

Beat the Suck, Tired, Daily Grind ……
Tasks as adding, updating or managing products, variants and inventory execution is tiresome and then extraordinarily consuming period. And agreement you hold more than a claw of products, you may additionally need to rent an assistant just to keep your WooCommerce kept above after date.

Then, so are those times when anyone makes a mistake and corrects every single item that drains your drive but the direction.

Wouldn’t you want to even be an easier way to follow the schedule of hiring out a sales charge and then on the entire product?

And the faster way in which to mimic looking at every one of your orders, customers and coupons?

And a better way to comply with the size replacement name, price, category …….

The fact that you do not like a better way in conformity control WooCommerce however WordPress?

A smarter course to follow to oversee WooCommerce stores!
Smart Manager is the simplest then almost hushed solution for WooCommerce save management. It’s acquainted spreadsheet view, search then a bunch of updated fun stores you hours of repetitive work.

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