1.2.0 Simple Sandbox Pro Manager

Simple Sandbox Pro Manager Pro
The Simple Sandbox Pro plugin is developed to sell support, and update your real end in the premium WordPress DEV tool at CobaltApps.com. I’ve been in the WordPress software game for over a decade, and thoroughly enjoy meeting the unique needs of freelance WordPress web designers and developers.

With Simple Sandbox Pro, I am able to provide site sandboxing, migration and backup plugins that give both casual users and web developers complete control over the state of their WP sites. Being able to take a complete snapshot of your site at any time and clone, restore or completely migrate to a different site is a must-have solution for many WordPress users. But having that control in such a simple and effective solution is the next level!

The right tool for the job
Simple Sandbox Pro gives you an intuitive solution to make sandboxing, backing up and migrating entire sites a breeze.

Re-imagine the WordPress sandbox
Turn any WordPress site into a full-fledged sandbox with virtually unlimited development possibilities.

Product Information

  • 100% Original Files.
  • Unlimited domain use.
  • Free New Version.
  • Share Your Valuable Opinions