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Sensei LMS WordPress Plugin
Seamless WordPress integration
Using Sensei is as simple as creating WordPress pages and posts, a presence that is supported with the help of its personalized course customization posting type. The plugin has been designed around the intuitiveness of the WordPress consumer interface, building the best learning management system since WordPress. period.

Easy content creation
Create courses, write lessons, and then take quizzes based on check your learners’ uptake. Set prerequisites as guides or instructions are a bloat for this very flexible plugin.

Quick user registration
The registration path is used with Sensei to register WordPress people. Learners below can gain access based on the dashboard but can add music to their course/course progress.

Course fees
Sensei integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce, allowing you to charge for courses based on their value. Set up a manufacturer or hyperlink to match the course. You’re done.

Teacher themes
Sensei will use containers of almost well-coded WordPress themes in the outdoors and provide sketchy styles between plugins.

Course analysis
Sensei provides reporting tools to commission you to outline your content, grades or students registered on the site.

Test anything
You can choose as many questions as you like, so there is absolutely no limit to the variety of about quizzes you can create.

Question banks
Create a ‘bank’ of questions and show determination after the learner so that the quiz can be completed.

Grading quizzes
Let quizzes be graded automatically, but questions that are selected for manual grading will need to be reviewed by your teacher.

Share your ideas
Tell us what new Sensei features you want, or vote because you like our idea board best.

What’s missing? Because there’s development!

Sensei provides a powerful, scalable skeleton as it offers online guides. Use our collection on extensions to create a pathway tailored to mimic the needs of your learning management system.

Teacher content drops
Set the pace of your university student learning.

Teacher certificates
Award your university students with a course completion certificate.

Sensei Media Accessories
Simple access for students under bursary, including additional guidance material

Product Information

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