2.0.2 Sensei Content Drip

Product DescriptionOverview

Determine the speed at which learners progress through the course.
For each session in your course, you can specify when learners will be able to access the course content, either at regular intervals after they start the course, or on specific dates.

Whatever schedule you decide on, you have complete control over your learners’ progress.

Key Features
Set your drip irrigation schedule based on a fixed date or an interval of time after the course start date.
You can manually override the drip irrigation schedule so that your participants can access any course at any time.
Your participants will receive email notifications when new courses are available.
Customize the information that is displayed to users when a course is not yet available to them.
This extension also prevents the possibility of a user buying a course, downloading all the content, and then asking for a refund, essentially getting the entire course for free.

Product Information

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  • Unlimited domain use.
  • Free New Version.
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