1.0.4 Sensei BadgeOS

Reward achievements in almost every teacher learning activity with digital badges
The Sensei Add-on for BadgeOS ‘BadgeOS Sensei Add-on’ allows learners to earn achievements and badges from almost every course, lesson and quiz activity available in the Sensei Learning Management System. You set the required rules or steps and learners are automatically awarded badges when they meet the conditions.

This add-on creates a seamless bridge between Sensei and BadgeOS ™, a powerful free plugin for WordPress to create and manage achievement-driven websites, communities and experiences.

Award a digital badge for any of your teacher learning activities
Leverage the power of BadgeOS to badge events and record achievements, including

Enrolment in.

Specific courses
Any course
Courses in a specific category
Any course in any category

Pass a specific quiz
Pass any test
Achieve a minimum score in a specific test
Achieve a minimum score in any test
Training courses.

Complete a specific course
Completion of any course
Completion of a course in a specific course category
Completion of any course in any course category

Completion of a specific course
Completion of any course

Product Information

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