1.6.1 SearchWP Live Ajax Search

Live Search enhances your search form by applying AJAX search, allowing you to view your search results without redirecting to the results page. live Search is designed to work with any theme and any SearchWP configuration, and is the easiest way to quickly improve your search form!

Live Search does not require SearchWP, so it is available on wordpress.org. If you install and activate SearchWP, Live Search will automatically use it. If you don’t, native WordPress search results will be served.

After uploading and activating Live Search, any form generated by get_search_form() using the default configuration will automatically enhance Live Search. The default SearchWP search engine (or WordPress native search if SearchWP is not available) will be used and the default theme will be applied. However, you can customize everything to a large extent.

Product Information

  • 100% Original Files.
  • Unlimited domain use.
  • Free New Version.
  • Share Your Valuable Opinions