1.5.6 Role Based Pricing for WooCommerce

The WooCommerce Role-Based Pricing extension enables you to set product prices based on user roles and individual customers. You can discount or markup prices by a fixed amount or percentage amount. After price changes, only the specified customers and user roles will see the new prices, while other customers will see the regular prices.

This extension comes with rule-based administration that allows you to change prices for entire categories or selected products in bulk. When setting price changes, you have the option to set minimum and maximum order quantities and restrict customers from buying beyond predefined quantity limits.

Adjust pricing for individual customers and user roles
Set fixed product prices
Increase prices by a fixed amount or percentage
Discounted prices by a fixed or percentage amount
Change prices for product levels
Add rules to change prices for specific products or categories in bulk
Compatible with product variants
Set minimum and maximum order quantity
Replace original price when price is increased
Remove old prices and display new prices as specials
Configure start and end dates for each pricing rule
Hide prices for non-logged-in and specific user roles and add to cart
Replace prices with custom text
Replace add to cart with new custom buttons and links

Product Information

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