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Why ReviewX
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Collect product reviews
Add multiple review criteria to get an honest opinion

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Display comment statistics
Provide graphical data on each product page to build loyalty.

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Improve SEO positioning
Google Rich Model will boost SEO website rankings and conversions.

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Engage customers more
Customers can recommend your product to others to increase traffic

Accelerate WooCommerce product sales
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Multiple standards of review
Create multiple review criteria to make your products more transparent and give your customers detailed feedback to help you improve the quality of your products.

Customer Reviews and Ratings
Sort customer reviews and ratings based on recent reviews, photo reviews, text reviews, or top-rated reviews to instantly influence visitors to make a purchase decision.

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Advanced graphical representation
Increase product value on the spot by displaying customer reviews and rating statistics on each individual product page.

Product Order Status
Manage order status for WooCommerce products as on hold, processed, completed, etc. options and get instant reviews from customers before completing a product purchase.

Multiple Comment Criteria.svg
Visual commentary
Show reviews with multiple product images, videos and text to gain the trust of potential customers and make your product more credible.

Social sharing
Use RevieX’s social sharing feature to engage with more potential customers on social media platforms to drive sales and encourage free advertising.

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Theme customization
Choose different themes for graphic status, image comment styles, and custom colors to make customer comments and ratings look more prominent.

Review reminder emails
Send a reminder email to your prospective customers to review the products purchased from your store.

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