1.6.7 Rankie WordPress Rank Tracker Plugin

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Rankie – WordPress Rank Tracker is a WordPress ranking checker plugin that helps you track your WordPress ranking on Google, paying close attention to the position of each keyword.

As a WordPress ranking tracker plugin, WordPress Rankie will update the keyword ranking position daily and generate powerful reports.

It also integrates powerful research tools to generate a list of valuable keywords that Google employees have already used in searches.

Track WordPress ranking on Google

Rankie can track keyword rankings on Google and keep updating these rankings every day, so it can be used as a WordPress SERP plugin.

WordPress ranking tracker ranking

Generate ranking report

Rankie can generate ranking reports every month, every year or all the time to let you know how you rank? Up or down, detailed information of each position change of each tracking keyword. As a wordpress ranking reporter, it also allows downloading these reports as PDF.

WordPress ranking tracking report

Keyword research tools

Rankie is not only a wordpress serp tracker plug-in, but also integrates a powerful keyword research tool, which generates a large number of valuable keywords that can be targeted.

These keywords are generated by appending all language characters one to one to the main keyword to capture Google’s suggestions for the keywords you specify.

+ Support all languages.

WordPress ranking tracker research

Automatically track the searched keywords

If someone visits your wordpress through a Google search, and Google provides us with keywords through the keywords searched by the visitor, the plugin can add this keyword to the dashboard for tracking.

4 different location positioning methods

The WordPress rank tracker provides 4 different methods for you to choose from to locate the website location of keywords on Google.

Direct Google: Search the top 100 results of the keyword directly in Google, then check the location
Google Custom Search API: Use the official Google Custom Search API to get up to 100 results and check the location
Visit Google via F-secure.com: Visit Google via f-secure.com to get up to 100 results
Google proxy through kproxy.com: Use kproxy.com to access Google’s top 100 results

Daily report email

The plugin can send you daily emails where each post is converted up or down.

WordPress ranking tracking report

Ranking mastery of each keyword

The plug-in records a unique ranking record and generates a ranking chart for each keyword to be tracked.

WordPress ranking tracker ranking changes

Filter easily

The wordpress ranking tracker plugin allows tracking keywords to be instantly filtered by site, group or search term.

Agent support

As a WordPress Google ranking plug-in Rankie can use a proxy when accessing Google for search.

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